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Constructive dialogue with stakeholders

As the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry plays an important role in society, essenscia attaches great importance to a constructive dialogue with stakeholders. Consultation with the various parties involved is therefore an essential aspect of the functioning of essenscia.
Consultation is a constant that can be found throughout the activities of the federation. Examples include social and bilateral consultations and events in which different stakeholders are involved. The participation of our federation in all kinds of regional, Belgian and European advisory and consultative bodies is a further indicator of the importance we attach to dialogue.

The various stakeholders were also involved in the preparation of the sustainability report. From the first sustainability report they have been consulted about the choice of the indicators. During several meetings with the stakeholders they were asked for their input. This took place both in the preparatory phase and after the publication of the sustainability report.

essenscia’s main stakeholders

Vision development

At the stakeholders’ request vision statements were developed for this edition for each of
the four P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity and Products. These visions reflect the main ambitions of the industry and at the same time constitute the guideline for many initiatives of the federation, the professional sections and companies. The long-term objectives have been updated and supported with various initiatives taken in practice. This report also shows concrete examples that illustrate how the federation and the companies realise these visions in practice.

A new indicator

After the publication of the previous sustainability report the stakeholders suggested the idea of studying the possibility to develop an indicator for resource efficiency for the sector. Such an indicator is becoming increasingly important, especially because the interest in resource scarcity is growing, as is the need to switch from linear to circular business models. In this report, this is mentioned for the first time in the ‘Planet’ section. The fact that essenscia is the first sector to deal with this subject once more underlines the long-term commitment of the sector for a sustainable society.