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This is how we counter the potential outflow of knowledge

essenscia wants to respond to the ageing of the population, which is also present within the workforce of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry. Recent studies have shown that the average age of our workforce is rising and that the inflow of young workers in a competitive market is becoming harder and harder. Hence, we are faced with the huge challenge of a considerable outflow of knowledge, which could be noticeable quite soon.

Our sector has always been known for its highly qualified and very skilled workers. This has often allowed our companies to create an advantage over their competitors. It is essential that we keep this advantage, as it is the key to establish our sector in a lasting way. In this context, we are therefore taking a number of important initiatives:

essenscia works to raise awareness among young people. Via partnerships with secondary and higher education institutions we want to bring young people into contact with the fascinating aspects of science, engineering, and, in particular, chemistry. To do so we work together with popularising scientific organisations such as Technopolis, Le Pass, Sciences Adventure, the Science Olympics, Jeunesses Scientifiques, Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemers, etc. Together we can set up interesting initiatives that appeal to young people and increase their enthusiasm for our industry.

Together we can set up interesting initiatives
that increase young people’s enthusiasm for our industry.

We commit to reducing the gap between the education system and the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry. By joining forces, we want to offer school-leavers and jobseekers the opportunity to become familiar with our sector and discover its attractive side. Talentenfabriek is such a project we fully support. It is a particularly valuable initiative of the sectoral social partners because it manages to bring jobseekers into contact with the sector in a positive way through specific training courses.

We also aim to guarantee the knowledge transfer between older and younger employees. This comprises job content, product and process safety and preventive behaviour. Via specific training courses we want to keep our employees’ knowledge up to date and, at the same time, encourage them to continuously improve their knowledge and skills.

Staying active for longer in a qualitative manner is also one of our focal points. That is why we pay a lot of attention to adapted training and education plans, a renewed competition policy, the right career guidance, etc., because these allow our employees’ competencies to evolve together with the new technologies that drive the sector forward.

If the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry wants to remain a long-term player in the industrial fabric of Belgium, it is crucial for all stakeholders involved – employees, companies, social partners, educational institutions and the authorities – to join hands to achieve all these goals together.