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Developing sustainable solutions & products

The sector of chemicals, plastics and pharma provides answers to the global challenges which are due to the growing and ageing population, increasing living standards, climate change or resource scarcity. The chemical and life sciences industry plays a crucial role in developing innovative sustainable solutions and products to respond to these challenges. Innovations focus on improving the performance of the end products, extending product lifetimes, improving comfort, healthcare. The sector also works closely with other sectors to transition from linear business models to a circular economy.

A qualitative communication regarding health and safety ensures that customers are not only able to choose the most suitable product for a given application, but also that this product is both manufactured and used in a correct and safe way. The chemicals, plastics and pharmaceutical industry is committed to ensuring that the people and the environment do not suffer harm as a result of exposure to its products.

  • Protection through product safety legislation

essenscia is actively cooperating in developing and implementing an efficient regulatory framework for product safety. Product legislation should be science-based and harmonised through at least all European Member States. essenscia is working hand-in-hand with the authorities such as the European Chemical Agency, to put the complex legislation on hazard assessment and communication (CLP) and risk assessment and management (REACH) into practice. The sharing of experience among all industry players, and especially SMEs, through the VLARIP and WALRIP training programmes, is a perfect example of their commitment.

Given all these efforts, it is paramount that all imported products comply with European standards too.
The sector is not only controlling the risks of substances of very high concern, but is also committed to develop more sustainable alternatives.

  • Proper and safe use of chemicals

Health and safety information is shared with customers through the CLP label on the products and the safety data sheets. The industry also provides detailed information to the authorities. The European Chemical Agency is, for example informed on the substances via the registration dossiers and the Poison Centres receive extensive information on hazardous mixtures.

Together with ECHA, and in outroll of the Global Product Strategy (GPS), the sector is committed to develop a tool to inform consumers on the substance registration.

Moreover, through several sector-based initiatives, the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry is committed to informing the various users on the proper use of products, the associated hazards and risks, and on the measures to reduce these risks.