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→ Challenges

Industry in transition

The chemical and life sciences industry sees four key challenges to put sector and society on the path towards greater sustainability. As an industry in transition, the sector is committed to provide solutions for these societal issues.

Energy & Climate
Working towards a carbon-smart society together
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Closing the recycling loop with plastics
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Diverse talent for a sustainable future
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Safety, health & environment
Permanent quest for maximum protection for man and the environment
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→ Facts & figures

This report in a nutshell

How is the Belgian chemical and life sciences sector performing in terms of sustainability? Dive into the figures and discover how the sector continues to make progress on almost all indicators. With the clear ambition to do even better.


Key provider of quality employment

direct jobs
indirect jobs
jobs in last 5 years
20%of manufacturingindustry

→ Sector initiatives

Putting ambition into action

From creating even better work conditions to investments in energy efficiency, circular water use and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Discover how the companies of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry in Belgium are stepping up their actions that contribute to a sustainable future.

→ SDG's

Our contribution to the global goals

essenscia and the companies of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry in Belgium are strongly committed to play their vital part in reaching all of the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations. Together with governments, social partners, NGOs and civil society we are determined to make a significant contribution to a better and more sustainable future. 

→ Our commitment

Preface from the Managing Director

The report clearly highlights the willingness of the chemical and life sciences industry to respond to the societal expectations and articulates the pathways which might help us to get to the world we all want to live in.