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The aim of a comprehensive action plan, launched at the end of 2019 by the partner organisations of the Zero Pellet Loss initiative in the Port of Antwerp, is to prevent plastic pellets (called ‘nurdles’) from accidentally ending up in the environment. One year on and a great deal of action has been taken, from an intensive clean-up operation to specific training for truck drivers. The transport sector has also signed up to the initiative and is supporting the ambition to attain zero pellet loss.

The cross-sector action plan from the various partners in the Port of Antwerp – Alfaport Voka, essenscia, Port Authority of Antwerp, PlasticsEurope and Voka-Kamer from Koophandel Antwerpen-Waasland – aims to prevent the plastic pellets that are used as raw materials for all sorts of plastic products being lost during production, storage, transport or processing. A total of 34 organisations and businesses from across the logistics chain are taking part.