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Antwerp Distribution and Products Operations (ADPO) has invested heavily in the expansion of its logistics infrastructure in recent years. Goal: to strengthen its multimodal model to take more trucks off the road.

For example, the company has constructed a new barge quay so that containers that are normally delivered by road can now also be received by inland shipping. Result: 10,000 containers taken off the road.

In addition, the company has expanded its rail infrastructure so that it can now receive block trains. Such a block train consists of 20 to 25 rail tank wagons, the equivalent of 60 tanker trucks. Thanks to the investment, 4,000 rail tank wagons can be loaded and unloaded annually, which represents a reduction of 12,000 tanker trucks on the road.

ADPO is also the first company in Belgium with its own LNG filling station. Currently, as much as half of ADPO’s transport fleet is fuelled by LNG.