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Adhesive manufacturer Avery Dennison Performance Tapes is planning the largest industrial installation for solar parabolas in Europe in Turnhout. In collaboration with the Belgian energy company Azteq, the solar mirror park of almost 6,000 m² will provide renewable solar energy for the drying ovens in the production process. Previously, sector companies ADPO in Antwerp and Proviron in Ostend also pioneered this green heat technology.

In the summer of 2021, Avery Dennison kicked off the construction of a so-called Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) platform. The CST technology uses a series of parabolic mirrors to collect sunlight in a concentrated way and to heat a special thermal oil to temperatures of 400°C. This green heat will partially drive the drying ovens in the coating process of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, so that the use of natural gas will no longer be required.

From solar energy to nappy fasteners

Avery Dennison produces adhesive products that are used in the automotive industry, the construction sector, as medical aids and in personal care such as nappy fasteners. The CST installation provides energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint in the production process.
The solar mirrors are expected to be commissioned in May 2022 and receive financial support from the government of Flanders through the tenders for projects for climate-friendly heat projects.

Sector pioneers with green heat

The Belgian start-up Azteq will build, operate and maintain the CST installation together with Campina Energie. Due to the collaboration with Campina Energie, a cooperative that already unites more than 1,200 citizens to invest in the production of renewable energy, there is great involvement from the local community.

Azteq previously installed similar installations at chemical company Proviron in Ostend and at tank storage company ADPO in Antwerp. Thanks to the CST technology, the CO2 emissions for steam production at ADPO have thus been reduced by more than 10%.

Solar parabola ADPO