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Borealis is an international chemical company with headquarters in Vienna. It is building a new, state-of-the art propylene plant in the Port of Antwerp that will be one of the biggest and most energy efficient plant of its kind in the world. It will produce propylene, a building block for polypropylene plastics (PP) that are widely used in pipelines for the safe distribution of drinking water, medical applications, in the automotive as lightweight materials saving energy, and for household items.

Sustainability was key from the beginning of this project since the most advanced technology will be used so to reduce the amount of energy needed for propylene production. The production site will mostly fulfil its own heat needs, and one third of its electricity will be produced by an integrated cogeneration plant.

The plant should be ready by mid-2022. The choice for Kallo, on the left bank of the port of Antwerp, confirms that Belgium disposes of a chemical cluster of world class exporting to Europe and globally. Especially the very dens network of pipelines facilitating the delivery of competitive propylene to Borealis clients was of strategic importance in making the choice for Belgium.

This is one of the biggest announced investments in the European chemical sector for the last 20 years showing that companies are engaged in the European high standards on efficient and sustainable activities, and see future of Europe as an industrial platform. Logically, Borealis won with this investment the Flemish Foreign Investment of the Year Trophy 2019 recognising the socio-economic importance of this investment for the region.

Thomas Van De Velde, vicepresident Hydrocarbons & Energy Borealis in the middle holding the trophy.