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Breaking Science’s mission is to motivate more young people to choose to study a technical or scientific (STEM) subject or to choose a job in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry by bringing the magic of chemistry closer to them.

The website and the associated Facebook page, managed by Co-valent, conveys some great fun facts about chemistry, plastics and like sciences to a large group of young people. Short, funny posts on social media and more in-depth articles on the website zoom in on the key role of chemistry in everyday life and in important aspects of society, such as the climate change issue.

The Facebook page has over 3800 followers, the majority of whom are boys, girls, young men and young women aged between 13 and 24. Young people share the information with one another by liking and sharing the various posts or the photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube, and so the group of followers continues to grow.

At the same time, Facebook posts by other partners in the industry that are geared towards young people (Talentenfabriek, HaaiTech!, Science Adventure, etc.) reach the large group of Breaking Science followers. Teasers in the Facebook posts also direct young people to the website where they can take an online quiz to discover which career in the industry would suit them best.