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On the 23th of March 2019 the ambitious Moonshot Programme was launched by Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Philippe Muyters. Each year for 20 years Flanders will be investing 20 million euros in innovation and basic research projects that demonstrate a tangible contribution to reduced carbon emissions, and the improved capture, storage and utilisation of CO2. Objective is to enable Flanders to accelerate its transition towards a carbon smart society through breakthrough research. This long term 400-million-euro programme aims to enable Flemish universities and research centra to develop the coming 20 years breakthrough technologies enabling the economic important chemical, petrochemistry and steel industries to become ‘carbon smart’. Efforts will be focusing on four closely related research trajectories:

  • bio-based chemistry,
  • carbon circularity of materials,
  • electrification and radical transformation of processes,
  • energy innovation.

The Moonshot programme is truly a long term vision that creates a partnership between public authority, the academic world and companies for a successful smart carbon management. Catalisti, as spearhead cluster for innovation in chemistry and plastics, is responsible for the programme’s coordination.


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