essenscia launches chair within safety sciences training at University of Antwerp

From the 2020-2021 academic year, essenscia has started a new ‘Integrated Safety – Chemistry and Life Sciences’ academic chair within the one-year Master’s degree in safety sciences at the University of Antwerp. This specialised course strives for a broad approach in which safety is viewed from all angles: from security over occupational and transport safety […]

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies provide medical staff with 200,000 face masks

During the first wave of the coronavirus, there was a very urgent demand for additional protective equipment, in particular face masks, for health professionals involved in the care of Covid-19 patients. That is why the essenscia sectoral federation launched an appeal to the 700 or so companies in the sector to make some of their […]

WeteWaWerkt: new series of videos places young STEM talent in the spotlight

WeteWaWerkt: in this series of videos from Technopolis and the ‘Vlaamse Ondernemers’ (Flemish entrepreneurs) of which essenscia is part, eight young business employees from various sectors demonstrate what their jobs entail and explain which routes they took to end up working in a STEM profession. The aim is to inspire third grade secondary school pupils, […]

Action plan in the Port of Antwerp to combat plastic pellets in nature

The aim of a comprehensive action plan, launched at the end of 2019 by the partner organisations of the Zero Pellet Loss initiative in the Port of Antwerp, is to prevent plastic pellets (called ‘nurdles’) from accidentally ending up in the environment. One year on and a great deal of action has been taken, from […]

Number of bicycle accidents by BASF employees drops by 35%

BASF Antwerp was one of the first port companies to start a bicycle leasing project. However, with the increasing use of bicycles, the number of bicycle accidents also increased. To turn this around, the company started a prevention policy, internal campaigns and training courses, and improved the bicycle lanes on the company site itself. Result: […]