Sector supports fire brigade in dealing with accidents with hazardous substances

Accidents with hazardous substances are rare, but can have a major impact on people and the environment. Hence the importance of an adapted approach. The fire brigade in Belgium is organised into 35 zones that provide assistance to citizens and businesses. Certain specialised operational services are organised beyond the limits of the zones. One of […]

Sectoral demography fund for life-long learning and quality of work

Since 2016, employers of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry contribute to a demography fund. Employers and employees develop actions program about quality of work and receive financial support from that fund for implementation the actions. In June 2019 already more than 200 companies had submitted actions plans. You can find a selection of […]

Borealis founding partner of Project STOP

Launched in October 2017 by Borealis and SYSTEMIQ, Project STOP aims to accelerate waste management improvements in South-East Asia, reduce marine littering, improve livelihoods and public health, and increase resource efficiency. We know that a significant amount of ocean plastic waste originates from land-based sources, with roughly 50% originating from just five Asian economies: China, […]

Prevention Adviser of the Year 2019 works at chemical company Inovyn

Dirk Gyzels, Head of the Prevention Department at Inovyn Manufacturing Belgium in the port of Antwerp has won the ‘Prevention Adviser of the Year’ award 2019, primarily for his strong prevention policy focusing not only on his own employees but also staff of contractors, installers and technicians from maintenance and services companies. Chemical company Inovyn […]

essenscia helps SMEs to improve product safety information

Since 2007 essenscia supports SMEs to implement product legislation by two regional projects: • the Dutch Vlaanderens REACH Implementatie Project (VLARIP) in Flanders, • and the French speaking Wallonie Reach Implementation Programme (WALRIP) in Wallonia. Even after more than 10 years, both SME mentorship projects remain a success, because REACH and CLP are complex and […]

0800 62 604: promoting the correct use of plant protection products in the garden

Phytofar members have invested about 10 million euro to provide a dedicated range of solutions for garden pests that are adapted to the needs of small gardens and non-professional users. They continue to invest in innovations that meet societal demands yet offering adequate and profoundly tested solutions to gardeners. Close to 50% of the products […]

Solvay’s world Product Stewardship Management System

Since 2014, Solvay has conceived – and now fully deployed – its innovative Product Stewardship Management System (PSMS). It is currently the most extensive product stewardship-specific referential, with clear, structured, tiered requirements , and with a worldwide coverage for all GBUs (Global Business Units). Solvay started its development, because no worldwide referential or norm existed […]