WeteWaWerkt: new series of videos places young STEM talent in the spotlight

WeteWaWerkt: in this series of videos from Technopolis and the ‘Vlaamse Ondernemers’ (Flemish entrepreneurs) of which essenscia is part, eight young business employees from various sectors demonstrate what their jobs entail and explain which routes they took to end up working in a STEM profession. The aim is to inspire third grade secondary school pupils, […]

That’s amazing! (Da’s geniaal!) Businesses launch STEM challenges for youngsters

The ‘D’as Geniaal’ initiative challenges young people from the age of 10 to work through STEM tasks. Well-known TikTokkers and YouTubers demonstrate interesting trials, together with young STEM heroes from relevant companies, including BASF, Deceuninck, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson and Total. Their goal? To generate enthusiasm among young people for science, technical sectors and technology […]

Solvay competition encourages young people to take up scientific careers

Every year, the chemical company Solvay, together with BeWise and other partners, organises a competition for 5th and 6th year secondary pupils. This event, “Girls Leading in Science”, aims to encourage young girls and boys to embark on scientific or technical studies. Any student interested in science can submit a team project related to a […]

Discover your future job to change the world with Sciences Adventure

Connecting young people with the fascinating world of science and industry. This is what Sciences Adventure aims to do. It is an awareness-raising project through aptaskil (formerly Cefochim), the competence centre for chemical, biopharmaceutical and biotechnological production. Through a variety of activities for primary, secondary and higher education pupils and students, Sciences Adventure encourages young […]

Young Talent Lab: young people in dialogue with CEOs on climate and sustainability

More than a hundred young people, from secondary and higher education as well as young employees from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, gathered at the very first Young Talent Lab of essenscia vlaanderen at Technopolis in Mechelen. They entered into a dialogue with each other and with CEOs and managers from sector companies on themes […]

Gamification brings Mendeleev’s periodic table to life at Technopolis and Sparkoh!

The United Nations declared 2019 the International Year of Mendeleev’s periodic table because this symbol of chemistry celebrates its 150th anniversary. That is why essenscia, together with the sectoral training fund Co-valent, has launched two unique attractions at Technopolis in Mechelen and at Sparkoh! (formerly Pass) in Frameries. These activities use gamification as an educational […]