Sector supports fire brigade in dealing with accidents with hazardous substances

Accidents with hazardous substances are rare, but can have a major impact on people and the environment. Hence the importance of an adapted approach. The fire brigade in Belgium is organised into 35 zones that provide assistance to citizens and businesses. Certain specialised operational services are organised beyond the limits of the zones. One of […]

Well-being at work at Solvay

Solvay is streamlining its well-being approach worldwide. A well-being indicator for Solvay’s workforce has been introduced in the yearly “Solvay Engagement Survey”, with 4 questions related to perceived well-being at work. A burnout observatory approach is implemented in France and Belgium, and will be progressively extended to other countries (in order for Solvay’s network of […]

Working on sustainable employability: quality of sleep in the spotlight at Agfa

The concept of the House of work capacity is a Finnish model used as a tool to enable organisations to discuss the issue of work capacity and manageability. As an organisation, you can discover how you rate on the various ‘floors’ and hence find out where you can improve. Agfa started with the “health floor” […]