UCB is aiming at carbon neutral operations by 2030

https://reports.ucb.com/2018/integrated-report/servicepages/videos/files/5_0_green_strategy.mp4   UCB’s management has set the ambitious goal to develop and produce medicines for people with severe diseases in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Inspired by the Paris agreement, UCB decided to accelerate the implementation of its Environmental Strategy (also called Green Strategy) by setting three ambitious targets to reach by 2030. One […]

Yara continues its efforts to reduce its N20 emissions

Nitrous oxide – N2O – is a powerful greenhouse gas. Its potential for global warming is nearly 300 times greater than that of CO2. Tertre-based Yara manufactures ammonia from nitric acid and fertilisers. N2O emissions are inevitable in the process of producing nitric acid: without treatment, the production of one tonne of nitric acid generates […]

Breakthrough research and innovation for a carbon-smart industry: the Moonshot programme

On the 23th of March 2019 the ambitious Moonshot Programme was launched by Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Philippe Muyters. Each year for 20 years Flanders will be investing 20 million euros in innovation and basic research projects that demonstrate a tangible contribution to reduced carbon emissions, and the improved capture, storage and utilisation […]