Mima Films innovates: stretch film with 25% recycled material

An average of 40,000 tonnes of stretch film is used as packaging material in Belgium every year. Mima Films has succeeded in producing a stretch film on an industrial scale that contains 25% recycled material and meets the same quality requirements as comparable films based on new raw materials. Stretch films are a particularly efficient […]

Towards 100% traceability and recycling of industrial plastic packaging together with Valipac

Where exactly does the plastic packaging waste from Belgian companies go? And is it actually recycled? Valipac, the industrial packaging management organisation founded in 1997 on the initiative of the business community, is the first in Europe to map the recycling destination for 90% of industrial plastic packaging. Next step? Towards 100% traceability and maximum […]

Agrirecover pioneer in recycling empty packaging for agrochemical products

This voluntary initiative dating from 1997 collects rinsed agrochemical product packaging via over 170 collection sites in Belgium, so that it can be recycled. This is mostly HDPE plastic packaging which, since 2013, has been recycled in Germany to make plastic sleeves for electrical cables. This means that 90% of the packaging is collected in […]