Digitalisation of the vaccine development and production process at GSK

The pharmaceutical company GSK collaborates with Siemens and ATOS, two of the world’s leading expert companies in digital transformation and technology, to digitalise its vaccine development and production process. This innovative concept named digital twin, which combines the real and digital worlds in a closed loop. A key benefit will be much shorter development times for […]

essenscia joins the Circular Plastics Alliance

Enhance the value of plastics in the circular economy in order to reach the European target of using at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics in the production of new products by 2025. This is the Circular Plastics Alliance’s ambition, a voluntary commitment that brings together public and private players in the plastics sector. essenscia, the Belgian federation of […]

Eco-oh! Beringen builds unique recycling centre for plastic packaging

The bag containing your salad, the foil around your sugar wafer or the plastic packaging that holds 6 bottles of water together: this waste will soon be transported from all over Belgium to Beringen. Sector company Eco-oh! has started there with the construction of an advanced film-to-film recycling centre that is unique in Belgium. The […]

FEB and sector federations launch five ambitions for a circular economy in Belgium

Together with its sector federations, including essenscia, the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (VBO) has developed a joint ‘Circular Economy Vision for 2030’. The document functions as a roadmap to give direction to the accelerated development of circular economic models over the next ten years and is built around five concrete ambitions. In this way, the […]

Derbigum recycles old roofing into new roofing

Derbigum, a specialist in bituminous roofing membranes, has developed a unique programme to recycle old bituminous roofs at the end of their useful life. With “No Roof to Waste” they collect the used roofing membranes, as well as the trimmings, free of charge from roofers. That waste is then recycled into raw material for new […]

Indaver builds new installation for chemical recycling of end-of-life plastics

Waste manager Indaver plans to build a new demo installation for recycling 15,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastics on an annual basis. This is an important step towards the realisation of an installation that will recycle approximately 50 tonnes of plastics every day into valuable basic raw materials for industry. Indaver is planning the installation at […]

Campine invests in recycling activities

Campine, specialising in the recycling of lead from car batteries and one of the largest producers of antimony trioxide in the world, has expanded its recycling activities in Beerse (Belgium). The company has set up an innovative process to produce antimony trioxide from old batteries and metallic industrial waste. This substance is used for the […]