Increased resource efficiency at BASF Antwerp

The Aniline nitrobenzene installation is one of the many installations on the BASF site in Antwerp. This installation makes chemical products that you can find amongst others in the automotive, construction or textile industry. In 2016, BASF Antwerp started the construction of two new installation to be able to further valorise waste streams released by […]

INEOS Styrolution and Indaver working together to make polystyrene circular

Current mechanical recycling of plastics cannot deal with all plastic waste and thus additional technologies are needed to make plastic circular. One of the most promising ones is chemical recycling, also called feedstock recycling because plastic waste is ‘deconstructed’ into building blocks, monomers or other chemicals, that can ‘feed’ back to the beginning of the chemical value chains thus serving as alternatives to currently used feedstock. A specific type of chemical recycling is depolymerisation: this breaks down the […]

New EU project “PUReSmart” coordinated by Recticel seeks to transform polyurethane into a true circular material

The PUReSmart project (PolyUrethane Recycling towards a Smart Circular Economy), coordinated by the Belgian company Recticel, was launched on 1 January 2019 for a duration of four years. It is supported by EUR 6 million in funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The PUReSmart collaborative consortium gathers nine partners from six different […]

DNCP & Janssen save resources: closing the loop for pharma grade solvents

De Neef Chemical Processing (DNCP) and Janssen Supply Chain Geel share a long history of working together to recycle solvents as much as possible and thus reduce their environmental footprint. From August 2017 onwards, recovered toluene and isopropanol is being re-used at Janssen’s production facilities. DNCP invested in a new high-tech dedicated distillation installation to […]

Derbigum, pioneer of the circular economy

A pioneer of the circular economy, Belgian company Derbigum, founded nearly 100 years ago, has evolved from a family-run SME into a global player in sustainable, 100% recyclable roofing membranes, and today employs 350 people around the world. The group has two production units in Belgium (in Lot and Perwez). Over two thirds of its […]