Pack it better promotes ecodesign in packaging

The industry has made significant commitments to reduce the impact of packaging and increase recyclability. In response to these commitments, Comeos, Fevia and DETIC, together with Fost Plus and Valipac, have set up the platform Pack It Better promotes ecodesign in packaging by bringing companies and centres of expertise into contact with one another. […]

Arpadis innovates for sustainable supply chains

Growth company Arpadis distributes chemical products in Europe and the rest of the world from BlueChem, incubator for sustainable chemistry in Antwerp. In the BlueChem labs, experts work closely with customers and suppliers on sustainable innovations and logistics solutions for reduced CO2 emissions. The focus is mainly on raw materials for adhesives, paints and insulation […]

Vynova is the first world-wide to produce caustic soda with an ISCC PLUS label

The Belgian branch of chemical company Vynova in Tessenderlo can lay claim to a world first. The company has launched caustic soda or sodium hydroxide produced entirely with the use of renewable energy. Vynova was the first company in the world to receive the international sustainability certification ISCC PLUS for this. Sodium hydroxide is used, […]

DETIC’s Charter(s) for Responsible Advertizing Cosmetics

The Belgian cosmetics industry is committed to working in line with the advertising code of DETIC, which has been extended to include a charter for responsible advertising and marketing communication. In doing so, the cosmetics industry recognises the importance of responsible advertising and marketing communication, which is essential to inform consumers about the characteristics of […]