Calidris Bio transforms CO2 and renewable energy into a source of protein

Fermentation technology is used, along with renewable energy and CO2 capture, to produce a good quality, nutritious source of protein with a low ecological footprint. With this innovation, Calidris Bio, which works out of the incubator for sustainable chemistry, BlueChem, is developing an alternative to environmentally damaging products such as soya or fish meal for […]

Creaflow makes molecules with light

Can you make molecules with light and simultaneously use less energy and raw materials? Creaflow’s unique reactor is proving it can be done. This start-up, working out of the incubator for sustainable chemistry BlueChem, is thus helping to create a sustainable industry. Creaflow was also one of the nominees for the essenscia Innovation Award.

Peace of Meat develops latest generation of synthetic meat

Peace of Meat is a synthetic meat company that grows fat and liver cells in bioreactors. This synthetic fat can be added to plant-based meat alternatives to improve flavour, texture and nutritional value. In the longer term, the start-up, which operates from the incubator for sustainable chemistry BlueChem, would like to produce various types of […]

PUXANO shifts protein research into a higher gear

From the basis of the incubator for sustainable chemistry Bluechem, PUXANO would like to accelerate protein research across all domains and industries by using a combination of nano and biotechnology. The start-up aims to support anyone who is involved in protein research by providing expertise and patented technology which can be applied to the development […]

Allegro uses nanotechnology to make quick work of cartilage injuries due to arthrosis

Allegro aims to use its revolutionary therapy to offer a solution to cartilage injuries resulting from arthrosis. The start-up, based in the BlueChem incubator for sustainable chemistry, has developed pioneering nanomaterials using 3D printing. The tiny particles allow new cells to grow in the body at precisely the location of the trauma so the damaged […]