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Chemical company Borealis and Bionerga, a specialist in recovering energy from waste, have started using the waste-to-energy factory Biostoom in Beringen. This new power station generates electricity and steam from the processing of non-recyclable household waste and then supplies them to Borealis in Beringen, which therefore has to use less natural gas as an energy source. The Limburg branch thus reduces its CO2 emissions by 20%.

The steam and electricity generated by the new facility will primarily be used for Borealis’ site operations. The waste-to-energy plant will supply nearly 100% of the electricity consumed by Borealis Beringen’s operations. Natural gas consumption will be reduced by about 40%.

The agreement is part of Borealis’ ambition to obtain 50% of its total electricity consumption for activities in key business sectors from renewable sources by 2030. Earlier this year, Borealis announced that it had signed a contract with Eneco for the supply of wind energy. Thanks to this green electricity, the chemical company will avoid about 20,000 tonnes of its indirect CO2 emissions every year.