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DETIC has signed the Charter of the Belgian Alliance for sustainable palm oil to promote the use by its members of derivatives of palm oil which have been cultivated in a sustainable way, with respect for biodiversity and avoiding deforestation.

DETIC and AISE have also developed guidelines on the sourcing of renewable and sustainable raw materials, and DETIC promotes the transition to green chemistry and biosourced materials among its members. The sector participates in and supports several research programmes on the recovery of agricultural waste, such as the “Valbran” project for the recovery of wheat by-products.

Bio-based alternatives are not intrinsically more sustainable than fossil resources (in particular from recycling). Therefore, the benefits coming from an increased use of bio-based materials require a thorough life-cycle assessment to avoid any burden-shifting.  To support all the companies operating in the detergents, cleaning and maintenance products industry sector using, or intending to use bio-based materials in final products and/or packaging material, A.I.S.E. has developed high-level principles for the industry that promotes the appropriate use of bio-sourced materials.