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DetNet, the Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification, is a collective industry approach developed and piloted by A.I.S.E. and its network of National Associations such as DETIC, in dialogue with stakeholders, to classify and label detergent and cleaning products for skin and eye effects.

The overall aim of DetNet is to give manufacturers and suppliers of detergents and cleaning products access to shared test data and expert judgment to allow for a science-based process for classification of products with respect to skin/eye effects, which is in line with CLP principles. DetNet builds on the ‘bridging principles’ from the CLP Regulation by allowing a company with a given untested mixture to classify it by comparing it with similar tested mixtures, i.e. Reference Formulations from the database.

Currently almost 150 companies have joined DetNet, establishing a database of more than 200 reference formulations. Tested Mixture compositions are made available to classification experts from companies. End 2020, more than 1740 products were classified using DetNet. A real success which allowed numerous products to have a more adequate CLP labelling based on robust test data and a real added value for the consumer.