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Sanofi is exploring how to use less energy at its site in Geel. Investments are made when opportunities are identified. For example, 7 refrigeration units with a refrigeration power of 7100 kW were recently replaced by 4 new refrigeration units, each with a refrigeration capacity of ± 1100 kW. An analysis showed that the refrigeration capacity could be reduced with no impact on the production process.

These three refrigeration units operate continuously to avoid frequent startups. In normal use, 3 refrigeration units can meet the demand. The 4th refrigeration unit is a backup and is started up in the event of a fault or if the refrigeration capacity of the other three units is not sufficient (only in 2% of cases).

The number of pumps has also been vastly reduced, from 13 to 8. Of those 8 pumps, only 5 are used to pump round the refrigerated water; the other 3 only kick in in the event of an emergency. The pumps are also frequency-controlled which means that they respond according to the required throughput (variable flow).

After a year, Sanofi will know exactly how much less energy is used by this new refrigeration installation with a reduced installed capacity.