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Helping SMEs and companies in the chemical and life sciences to increase their energy efficiency and improve their climate performance. That is the goal of Energy4Climate, a unique energy and climate project set up by essenscia with the support of the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency. Thirty companies with a lower energy intensity receive tailor-made advice from independent energy and climate specialists on the basis of a targeted audit. In this way, they gain insight into their savings potential and can get to work with cost-effective energy and climate-saving measures.

Under the heading Energy4Climate, essenscia has started two new projects for greater energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in the chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector, specifically aimed at the savings opportunities of sector companies with a lower energy intensity and tailored to the nature of their activities.

Energy and Climate Deals: a pioneering project for Flanders
The Energy and Climate Deals are aimed at companies and SMEs with an annual primary energy consumption between 0.05 and 0.1 Petajoules. This is a pilot project for Flanders in which experts perform an in-depth thematic energy and climate audit at companies with often complex production processes. This involves tailor-made solutions that map out the potential savings measures within themes such as steam, green heat, renewable energy or electrification options.

Mini EPAs for maximum results

Companies with a lower primary energy consumption, between 0.01 and 0.05 Petajoules per year, can sign up for mini-EPAs (energy policy agreements), a concept that already exists in other sectors. Energy and climate scans are performed here and external energy and climate coaches provide appropriate guidance in the implementation of measures tailored to the sector, such as the optimisation of compressed air or cooling systems, the recovery of (residual) heat and the installation of solar panels or additional insulation.

The project started with thirty pioneering companies from all Flemish provinces and from all segments of the sector: from chemistry to plastics, from coatings to lubricants, from pharmaceuticals to medical gases. The intention is to further expand the number of participating companies at a later stage. The ultimate energy and CO2 savings depend on the savings opportunities that will be detected through the scans and audits.

Commitment to implement measures

Companies participate voluntarily in Energy4Climate, but commit themselves to effectively implement a number of economically profitable measures proposed by the energy and climate experts. The cost price and potential energy savings of the investment are always taken into account.

Energy4Climate receives 300,000 euros in financial support from the government of Flanders – resources that are used in their entirety to assist companies by bringing in independent experts – and runs in close collaboration with the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency.


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