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Developing a harmonised European system for the certification and verification of recyclate that is reused in newly finished plastic products, based on independent audits. That is the goal of PolyCert Europe, a recently established umbrella organisation, of which essenscia is one of the founding members.

The mission of PolyCert Europe is to align the existing national certification schemes and to develop an unambiguous and transparent methodology for the assessment of recyclate in end products on the European market. With this, the plastics and textile sector is committed to accelerating the circularity of plastics.

The initiative is an important step in the transition to a circular economy by creating a robust system for recovering recycled materials that meets the strict product standards, technical requirements and high quality standards of plastics processors.

PolyCert Europe was launched at the end of 2020 at the initiative of EUPC, the European Plastics Converters. Jan Laperre of Centexbel/VKC (Flemish Plastics Centre) has been appointed as chairman of the steering committee. Valipac, the management body for industrial packaging, and essenscia are members of the Board of Directors.