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Enhance the value of plastics in the circular economy in order to reach the European target of using at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics in the production of new products by 2025. This is the Circular Plastics Alliance’s ambition, a voluntary commitment that brings together public and private players in the plastics sector. essenscia, the Belgian federation of the chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector, has also joined the alliance. 

The essenscia sectoral federation is one of the hundred or so signatories of the Circular Plastics Alliance. It is committed to taking action to help achieve this ambitious European objective. 

European digital platform maps plastic recycling rates 

One initiative that can help is the digital platform MORE (MOnitoring Recyclates for Europe). This platform allows European plastics processors to indicate how much recycled material they are reusing in their production processes. 

MORE was developed by the European Plastic Converters (EuPC).  The industry federations Agoria and essenscia PolyMatters have been appointed coordinators for Belgium, one of the first European Member States to introduce the online platform. 



MORE is an important step towards a circular economy for plastics. The aim is to accurately map the recycling efforts of the plastics industry and provide a clear picture of the volumes of recycled plastics used in Europe. 

Based on the data entered, the platform also makes it possible to evaluate the recycling rate of plastics on an annual basis. This way, it is possible to detect applications in which more recycled materials can be used.