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From the 2020-2021 academic year, essenscia has started a new ‘Integrated Safety – Chemistry and Life Sciences’ academic chair within the one-year Master’s degree in safety sciences at the University of Antwerp. This specialised course strives for a broad approach in which safety is viewed from all angles: from security over occupational and transport safety to environmental care and welfare at work.

Safety is an absolute top priority for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Not only in industrial processes, but also, for example, for the security of company sites, transport safety of goods and of employees in their daily mobility to and from work or adequate crisis management in the event of incidents.

Broad education

As an industry federation, essenscia is convinced that the security scientist of tomorrow is best trained as broadly as possible to meet all these challenges. After all, safety encompasses various forms of expertise and experience. This renewed master’s degree course therefore strongly focuses on interdisciplinarity.

Due to the integrated approach, the safety course at UAntwerp is attractive for both professional bachelors who want to deepen their knowledge and for engineers pursuing a Master’s degree who want to specialise further.

Complementary chair

The new chair is also perfectly complementary to the existing essenscia chair in Safety Engineering in the post-master’s degree course of the same name at KU Leuven. There the focus is mainly on a theoretical and practical approach to process safety.

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