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Every two years, the Union Wallonne des Entreprises (UWE) recognizes the work of a Mobility Manager with an award. In 2020, Patrick Vlasselear, full-time Mobility Manager at GSK, received the award.

GSK is a pioneer in this field and has a well-established mobility plan that is constantly being updated. The pharmaceutical company’s mobility policy incorporates all modes of transport, each with a community of enthusiastic ambassadors, promotional activities, fact sheets and a Mobility service.

The 150-200 employees who regularly or occasionally cycle to work, each receive a financial allowance, have access to repair stations, and can try out and borrow electric bikes.

For public transport, all season tickets will be paid for, and private shuttle buses will connect the GSK sites in Walloon Brabant to several local hubs such as the railway stations in Ottignies, Genval and Wavre.

The company also encourages carpooling, setting up a dedicated platform, offering priority seats and the potential to benefit from a tax advantage. 15% of employees are happy with this mode of transport.

Awareness campaigns take place regularly to promote alternative mobility solutions and road safety, and a teleworking policy has been implemented to avoid unnecessary journeys.

Lastly, GSK’s car fleet is under review with a shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles.