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‘Hey, that’s me’ is a site intended for young people who are wondering what to study at tertiary level and do not yet know their strengths or exactly what they want. This is a joint initiative by the Agoria technology federation and essenscia and the test, which has an academic dimension, has been developed in co-operation with Antwerp Management School and the Indiville study and advice agency.

This online profile test helps young people answer two questions: “Which role in a company best matches my personality?” and “What course of study would best develop my talents?” The test is quite unique in that it is based on eight specific roles or profiles that are actively being sought by companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and technology industries and for which technical and scientific skills and more general skills are required. These eight roles are as follows: business champion, data wizard, designer, digital whizzkid, dreamcatcher, hands-on technician, innovation hero and smooth operator.

By completing a short and simple questionnaire, the young people can find out in just a few minutes which role is the best match for them according to their interests and skills. The online tool immediately gives them a score for each role and an insight into the recommended study choices.

‘Hey That’s Me’ is primarily intended to help young people in the third level of secondary education choose what to study, but the test does not constitute a definitive judgement and never results in restrictive study advice. The name ‘Hey That’s Me’ refers to the guiding role of the tool and young people’s search for their own identity in a rapidly changing society.

In setting up this unique initiative, Agoria and essenscia want to show boys and girls that there are many options for interesting jobs in the technology and scientific industries that are a particular strength of Wallonia, particularly automotive, chemical, digital technology, pharmaceutical and health, aerospace and aeronautical, plastics and telecoms.