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ANL Plastics is a thermoforming company that primarily produces packaging for the food industry. Created in 1938 it is located at Wellen. The focus of ANL Plastics is on the conscious use of our materials throughout the entire chain. Circular initiatives at ANL Plastics focus on two aspects mainly: enhancing the recycled content and working on ecodesign of packaging to enhance recyclability.

Thermoforming is a production method that comes with a consistent stream of leftover material. This material has already since the 1960’s been internally recycled. Currently we are restarting to buy Post-Consumer Waste PET to continue to increase the amount of recycled material used in our packaging. Since ANL Plastics has a Solid-State Polymerization system, that is primarily used to enhance the IV quality of our rPET, the installation also removes chemical impurities from the rPET assuring food safety of the material. The process has thus been EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) approved and is indispensable in making packaging for the food industry.

A second topic of attention is ecodesign. To improve the recyclability of our packaging we always suggest the use of transparent material. For markets where this is not an option, ANL Plastics offers the use of dark colored materials without Carbon Black, for PET as well as for PP. This initiatives enhance the recyclability of our packaging. Throughout the years we’ve always focused on material reduction and offering strength using structures. Our Peelpaq® brand is the perfect illustration, combining functionalities & using less material than traditional tray-lid combinations. It was nominated for the Greener Packaging Award. We are glad to continue this eco-design thinking in our packaging thus contributing to sustainable production and consumption patterns.