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The ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir in Brussels, or TADA, is an initiative to guide socially vulnerable young people towards a promising future. Every year at TADA, hundreds of teenagers from deprived neighbourhoods are taught on Saturdays by enthusiastic professionals who give an insight into their daily practice. Johnson & Johnson Benelux, the parent company of Janssen Pharmaceutica, and TotalEnergies are also involved. 

During lessons from sector companies, the teenagers learn to build molecules, make bath salts, get to know their own DNA, fill capsules and do taste tests. Experienced professionals transfer their passion for their job and get young people to be enthusiastic about a scientific career.  

Learning and inspiring 

This turns out to be highly motivating. The students not only discover where their passions and talents lie, they learn to see the value of doing your best at school. There really is something for everyone. From lawyers to journalists, from cooks to mechanics, and of course the scientists at Janssen and TotalEnergies: all kinds of disciplines are covered at TADA. 

For Johnson & Johnson Benelux and TotalEnergies, this initiative fits in with the companies’ community impact programmes to contribute to an inclusive society. With this, the companies want to actively participate in creating opportunities for vulnerable young people and give them a boost to fully develop their talents.  

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