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Thanks to a combination of innovative technologies, Janssen Pharmaceutica’s Geel site has managed to increase the effectiveness of highly complex drugs by facilitating their absorption by the human body.

New drugs have to treat diseases of increasing complexity. As a result, the active molecules – the active ingredients of these drugs – are increasingly elaborate. And often they are no longer water soluble. Since the human body is 70% water, this solubility is critical for our bodies to rapidly absorb molecules and, consequently, for the greater effectiveness of drugs.

As a result, 10 years ago Janssen Pharmaceutica launched research at its Geel site into the potential of spray drying in the production of highly innovative drugs for highly complex pathologies, ranging from specific forms of HIV to certain types of prostate cancer.

Recently, Janssen Pharmaceutica Geel has been combining spray drying with highly advanced online measures in the production process to make it faster and more effective. The combination of these two technologies is a world first.

This innovation has made Janssen Pharmaceutica one of the 6 finalists for the essenscia Innovation Award.