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A progressive method has made Kaneka Eurogentec, a spin-off of the University of Liège, the world leader in the large-scale production of DNA plasmids.

The term “DNA plasmid” refers to a circular fragment of DNA that carries a gene that, once introduced into the patient, generates a protein – with no secondary effect – that triggers a therapeutic or immunological response. DNA plasmids can treat a wide range of serious illnesses such as AIDS, cancer and genetic diseases. With over 500 clinical trials in progress around the world, plasmids look set to have a rosy future.

Eurogentec has developed a unique process for the large-scale, fast (just a few days) yet affordable production of DNA plasmids with minimal environmental impact. With its new 2200L fermenter, the company – which holds the world record for production of 230 grams of plasmids – could soon be producing kilograms or the equivalent of a million doses of vaccine in each batch, which will make gene therapy for treating AIDS or cancer accessible to many more people.

This innovation has earned Kaneka Eurogentec a place as one of the 6 finalists in the essenscia Innovation Award 2019.