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In July 2020, Kaneka biotech Eurogentec received GMP accreditation for its state-of-the-art facility for the large-scale production of next-generation drugs, such as DNA-based vaccines against coronavirus and gene therapy treatments. This investment creates new job opportunities.

Kaneka Eurogentec is one of the world’s leading biomanufacturers of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plasmid DNA for gene and cell therapies. This plasmid DNA is used in the treatment of diseases such as AIDS, cancer, genetic diseases, and rare diseases. This revolutionary technology earned the company a place among the finalists for the essenscia Innovation Award 2019.

The biotech’s new production unit, accredited by the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP), is equipped with a 2,200-litre fermenter allowing the production of several kilos of plasmid DNA, the equivalent of millions of vaccine doses per batch.

With this investment, totalling 50 million euros, Kaneka Eurogentec is playing a key role in the fight against Covid-19. The biotech company is applying its know-how to Covid PCR tests, DNA and messenger RNA vaccine contenders and potential treatments for the virus.