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Located in Libramont since 1975, the L’Oréal factory is equipped with its own wastewater treatment plant. Industrial water undergoes initial physico-chemical treatment based on the principle of coagulation/flocculation/flotation, which makes it possible for 80% of the pollutant load of the water to be absorbed. The final complete water treatment takes place via a second step, which is a biological process using activated sludge. Thanks to this plant, 200m3 of water is treated per day.

The first recycling stage, implemented in 2015 and using an ultrafiltration/reverse osmosis system, allows +/- 60% of the treated water (120m3) to be reused in the factory, specifically for washing manufacturing tanks and for steam production.

At the beginning of 2019, L’Oréal Libramont installed an evaporative concentrator that allows all effluents to be recycled. This investment allows L’Oréal to operate a complete water recycling loop. Thanks to this new technology, L’Oréal is becoming a dry factory – in other words a production site where water from the mains network is only used for the formulation of products or for human consumption, all other uses being provided for by recycled water.

These projects save an amount of drinking water equivalent to the annual consumption of 600 households.