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BASF Antwerp was one of the first port companies to start a bicycle leasing project. However, with the increasing use of bicycles, the number of bicycle accidents also increased. To turn this around, the company started a prevention policy, internal campaigns and training courses, and improved the bicycle lanes on the company site itself. Result: 35% fewer bicycle accidents while bicycle use quadrupled. BASF’s prevention policy was awarded the Business Mobility Award, an initiative of the Flemish organisation Vlaams Stichting Verkeerskunde. It is a recognition for companies that make efforts in the field of safe commuting.

The bicycle leasing project is part of BASF’s mobility plan in which the chemical company wants to offer its more than 3,200 employees attractive alternatives to the individual car journey. For example, the company has installed moren than 30 fast bus routes with interesting stops that should convince more employees to get on the bus, which is still the safest way to get to work. In addition, BASF uses an app and other incentives to promote carpooling.

By offering its employees a variety of mobility options, BASF is ensuring that its employees get to work more safely, sustainably and efficiently. That is good for the health of its employees, for the environment and for the company. Finally, a varied mobility offer is also a prerequisite for being able to attract and retain suitable personnel in this congestion-sensitive region, so that BASF can continue to carry out its activities and attract future investments.