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Diversity is central to the success of Plasma Industries, which is a bio-pharma company active in the purification of valuable blood proteins. The company transforms about 4 million blood donations yearly from donors all over the world into valuable medicines for patients worldwide. Blood plasma contains a diverse mix of several hundreds of essential proteins which keeps human beings healthy throughout their lives. Every human being has a unique mix of these proteins and as such also the diversity of donors is essential to the quality of protein-based medicines.

Within the company as well, Plasma Industries constantly makes best use of the diversity of its employees with different origins, cultures, ages and gender.

Plasma Industries encourages its employees with these different backgrounds and speaking different languages (mainly Dutch, French, Arabic, English) to work together as one team and take ownership to produce and supply high quality products and services.

The company also organizes English courses for non-native English speakers to ensure successful communication and collaboration within the multicultural teams and with international suppliers and customers.

A Diversity Group meets on a regular basis to drive various improvements ranging from cultural awareness, employment of colleagues with disabilities to the well-being of employees at work and adapted work for older colleagues and organising events on relevant themes.

The company is convinced that diversity is an integral part of its current and future success!