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Progress in accident prevention often reaches a glass ceiling, making the objective of zero accident difficult to achieve. Solvay Brussels, together with 4 sites of Solvay research and Innovation in Europe (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux) have implemented an innovative approach to safety reconsidering classical safety concepts in the industry: the “safety culture” approach.

This approach moves from the classical “have to” to “want to” standpoint. This requires a complete inversion of mindset in order to overcome the pitfall resulting from the accumulation of rules and systems. Moving away from the permanent insistence on compliance (“system – obsessed”) requires a cultural change from the top of the organization. “Creating safety” requires to move away from “accident solving” (“looking backward perspective”, focus on accident frequency rate) and to (re) install an adequate safety culture. A paradigm shift was necessary at the top of the company.

In the frame of a Group approach, the Solvay R&I sites have implemented the innovative safety approach of “Solvay creating safety” as of Sep 2018. The stepwise deployment relied on:

● “Creating Safety” workshops at Solvay Group top management level: i
● Workshops with Leadership team in the 4 sites on “the mindset of creating safety & the importance of defining safety heaven”
● Workshop with employees: what is your safety heaven ?
● Safety climate surveys on perceptions. This diagnostic is about perceptions about the management and is key to reorient the safety management & culture