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Since 2016, employers in the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry contribute to a demography fund. Employers and employees develop actions plans to improve quality of work and receive financial support from the fund to implement the actions.

In June 2019 more than 200 companies had submitted actions plans. You can find a selection of the actions in the plans below:

  • Age dependent extra leave day
  • Massage at work, free fruit, awareness actions to encourage more sport
  • Improved ergonomics at work stations
  • Mentoring system partnering young employees with experienced employees for better integration of young employees and recognition of the experience of older employees
  • Recruitment of an extra person to alleviate shift work
  • Free medical screening for older employees
  • Extra financial compensation for older employees reducing their work time
  • Facilitate the opportunity to explore other jobs within the same company/group
  • Financial support for people reducing working time and spending that extra time on volunteer work
  • Extra training opportunities for managers
  • Propose training, yoga, etc to reduce stress at work

And much more!

For more information: