Value chain collaborations to realise the circular economy

The Circular Economy Package of the European Commission and its Plastic Strategy created a new drive for a more circular polymer economy, requiring new business models and enhancing value chain collaboration. The proven success of voluntary value chain collaborations such as Petcore Europe, representing the complete PET value chain in Europe since 1993, and Vinylplus, […]

DETIC’s Charter for Responsible Advertising Cosmetics

The Belgian cosmetics industry is committed to working in line with the advertising code of DETIC, which has been extended to include a charter for responsible advertising and marketing communication. In doing so, the cosmetics industry recognises the importance of responsible advertising and marketing communication, which is essential to inform consumers about the characteristics of […]

New EU project “PUReSmart” coordinated by Recticel seeks to transform polyurethane into a true circular material

The PUReSmart project (PolyUrethane Recycling towards a Smart Circular Economy), coordinated by the Belgian company Recticel, was launched on 1 January 2019 for a duration of four years. It is supported by EUR 6 million in funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The PUReSmart collaborative consortium gathers nine partners from six different […]

Derbigum, pioneer of the circular economy

A pioneer of the circular economy, Belgian company Derbigum, founded nearly 100 years ago, has evolved from a family-run SME into a global player in sustainable, 100% recyclable roofing membranes, and today employs 350 people around the world. The group has two production units in Belgium (in Lot and Perwez). Over two thirds of its […]

Total together with Valipac making shrink hoods circular

Valipac launched in 2018 together with its partners the ‘Clean Site Circular Project’, with the financial support of Vlaanderen Circulair. Its purpose? To re-inject the hoods used for the delivery of construction materials into the value chain as recycled content for the production of new shrink hoods for the construction sector, without any loss of […]

Agrirecover pioneer in recycling empty packaging for agrochemical products

This voluntary initiative dating from 1997 collects rinsed agrochemical product packaging via over 170 collection sites in Belgium, so that it can be recycled. This is mostly HDPE plastic packaging which, since 2013, has been recycled in Germany to make plastic sleeves for electrical cables. This means that 90% of the packaging is collected in […]

CTF2000 reuses industrial packaging

CTF2000 NV, a Flemish small and medium size company employing 45 people, has always done many efforts within its ISO14001:2015 management system to avoid and reduce waste and emissions. Since years, they take back the empty IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) from their customers and clean them at their plant in Zele, where the waste water […]

DETIC engaged in sustainable sourcing of biomass

DETIC has signed the Charter of the Belgian Alliance for sustainable palm oil to promote the use by its members of derivatives of palm oil which have been cultivated in sustainable way, with respect for biodiversity and avoiding deforestation. / DETIC and AISE have also developed guidelines on the sourcing of renewable and […]

Guaranteeing food supply

With the support of the essenscia’s Innovation Fund, the start-up Fyteko is developing revolutionary new biobased active ingredients to guarantee good harvest yields, even in extremely dry conditions. Through the use of Green Chemistry, Fyteko has developed a Signal Molecule which improves plants’ tolerance to water scarcity in a natural way. In regions with limited […]