Höganäs inaugurated a 30,000 m2 solar park

 Höganäs, global specialist in metal powders, primarily for the automotive industry, inaugurated a 5.961 MW solar park at its Ath site in September 2021.   The 30,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels will meet 20% of the site’s needs, equating to an annual saving of 961.450 tonnes of CO2. This project makes a good contribution to the Swedish […]

Avery Dennison greens production process with largest industrial solar mirror park in Europe

Adhesive manufacturer Avery Dennison Performance Tapes is planning the largest industrial installation for solar parabolas in Europe in Turnhout. In collaboration with the Belgian energy company Azteq, the solar mirror park of almost 6,000 m² will provide renewable solar energy for the drying ovens in the production process. Previously, sector companies ADPO in Antwerp and […]

Air Liquide starts up next-generation hydrogen unit at Covestro

Air Liquide has commissioned a hydrogen factory of the latest generation at chemical company Covestro in the port of Antwerp, with an investment of 82 million euros. Hydrogen production is done with better energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. What makes this so-called SMR-X plant so special — compared to a traditional SMR (Steam Methane […]

Residual heat from Agfa-Gevaert heats 300 houses in new residential area

With the residual heat from industrial processes, Agfa-Gevaert will provide heating and hot water to some 300 homes in a nearby residential area. The heating network Warmte Verzilverd (‘Heat Silver Plated’) at the Minerve site in Edegem and Mortsel is a first for the province of Antwerp. It is the first heat network to use […]

D-CRBN turns CO2 into new raw material with plasma technology

D-CRBN, a spin-off from the University of Antwerp and active in the incubator for sustainable chemistry BlueChem, has developed a technology to reuse CO2. Through innovative plasma technology, CO2 molecules are split into their original building blocks. These in turn can be reused to make valuable products such as biofuels, chemicals or polymers to ultimately […]

Unique project for the capture and reuse of CO2 in North Sea Port Ghent

Ten public and private partners – including sector companies Alco Bio Fuel and Oiltanking – have given the green light for the launch of the North-C-Methanol project in North Sea Port Ghent. With this project, they will jointly reduce CO2 emissions by 140,000 tonnes each year and produce 44,000 tonnes of green methanol, which will […]

Alco Bio Fuel, Messer Benelux and IJsfabriek Strombeek recycle CO2 in North Sea Port Ghent

Biorefinery Alco Bio Fuel, industrial gas supplier Messer Benelux and IJsfabriek Strombeek are investing 10 million euros in a second installation for CO2 storage in the Ghent port zone. After treatment, this CO2 is reused in, among other things, water purification, refrigerated transport, greenhouse cultivation or the bubbles in soft drinks. In total, this saves […]