Digitalisation of the vaccine development and production process at GSK

The pharmaceutical company GSK collaborates with Siemens and ATOS, two of the world’s leading expert companies in digital transformation and technology, to digitalise its vaccine development and production process. This innovative concept named digital twin, which combines the real and digital worlds in a closed loop. A key benefit will be much shorter development times for […]

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies provide medical staff with 200,000 face masks

During the first wave of the coronavirus, there was a very urgent demand for additional protective equipment, in particular face masks, for health professionals involved in the care of Covid-19 patients. That is why the essenscia sectoral federation launched an appeal to the 700 or so companies in the sector to make some of their […]

Number of bicycle accidents by BASF employees drops by 35%

BASF Antwerp was one of the first port companies to start a bicycle leasing project. However, with the increasing use of bicycles, the number of bicycle accidents also increased. To turn this around, the company started a prevention policy, internal campaigns and training courses, and improved the bicycle lanes on the company site itself. Result: […]

Univercells builds two production plants in Jumet

The biotechnology company Univercells is setting up its subsidiary Exothera in Jumet, on the former site of the IT company Systemat, to offer complete development and manufacturing services for viral vectors for the development of vaccines and gene therapies. Exothera relies on the use of innovative production platforms to reduce costs and make these treatments […]

Diversity, equality, and inclusion on the agenda at Solvay

The Solvay Chemical Group is implementing the “Solvay One Dignity” programme, which aims to change the culture of the organisation in terms of diversity, equality, and inclusion. The programme aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination and cultivate an inclusive and diverse environment that promotes equal opportunities for employees of all backgrounds, ages, genders, nationalities, […]

Portfolio Sustainability Assessment : innovation towards Safe and Sustainable by Design product applications

Already in 2018, under the umbrella of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, thirteen pioneering chemical companies developed the Portfolio Sustainability Assessments methodology to demonstrate how chemical companies – on top of regulatory requirements – can proactively screen and steer their chemical innovation, products and services portfolio’s towards safer and enhanced environmental and sustainability […]

Janssen Pharmaceutica invests in unique European production site for cell therapy in Ghent

Later this year, Janssen Pharmaceutica will start building a production facility for CAR-T therapy in the Tech Lane science park in Zwijnaarde. It will be the only European branch of the pharmaceutical company where this type of innovative cell therapy for blood cancers will be developed. The state-of-the-art complex, which will cover some 26,000 square […]

UCB and Microsoft team up to accelerate drug development

Pharmaceutical company UCB is expanding its partnership with Microsoft to accelerate drug discovery and development, especially for severe diseases in immunology and neurology. To this end, UCB’s scientists and data specialists will be able to rely on artificial intelligence (AI), advanced computing technology and data platforms. They want to discover new correlations and patterns that […]

Allegro uses nanotechnology to make quick work of cartilage injuries due to arthrosis

Allegro aims to use its revolutionary therapy to offer a solution to cartilage injuries resulting from arthrosis. The start-up, based in the BlueChem incubator for sustainable chemistry, has developed pioneering nanomaterials using 3D printing. The tiny particles allow new cells to grow in the body at precisely the location of the trauma so the damaged […]