Nuclear medicine: the National Institute for Radioelements in Fleurus is to become uranium-free

Used in nuclear medicine for diagnosis and therapy, radioisotopes are currently produced from uranium. The National Institute for Radioelements (IRE) has developed a way to produce radioisotopes without uranium, greatly reducing nuclear waste.   The initiative, called SMART (Source of MedicAl RadioisoTopes) requires 335 million euros and should be up and running in 2028.  The IRE is also […]

Inopsys nominated for Cleantech Hero Water Technology 2021

  Inopsys was nominated by Cleantech Flanders as ‘Cleantech Hero Water Technology’. A major recognition for this innovative company in BlueChem, the incubator for sustainable chemistry. InOpSys is supported by the essenscia Innovation Fund and treats industrial wastewater, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The wastewater is treated on site via mobile units and […]

Sto realises first large-scale Belgian project with air-purifying exterior paint

Facade specialist Sto has completed the first large-scale Belgian project with air-purifying exterior paint in collaboration with the Colruyt Group. No less than 10,000 square metres of facade surfaces of 76 OKay neighbourhood supermarkets in Flanders and Wallonia were provided with a layer of StoColor Photoscan. Thanks to an innovative technology, this paint purifies air […]

0800 62 604: promoting the correct use of plant protection products in the garden

Phytofar members have invested about 10 million euro to provide a dedicated range of solutions for garden pests that are adapted to the needs of small gardens and non-professional users. They continue to invest in innovations that meet societal demands yet offering adequate and profoundly tested solutions to gardeners. Close to 50% of the products […]

Agrirecover pioneer in recycling empty packaging for agrochemical products

This voluntary initiative dating from 1997 collects rinsed agrochemical product packaging via over 170 collection sites in Belgium, so that it can be recycled. This is mostly HDPE plastic packaging which, since 2013, has been recycled in Germany to make plastic sleeves for electrical cables. This means that 90% of the packaging is collected in […]

GSK continues to invest heavily in Belgium at its sites in Wavre and Rixensart

The British pharmaceutical company GSK continues to invest in its production site in Wavre and its research and development site in Rixensart. In Wavre, the largest vaccine production centre in the world, the €330 million investment announced in March 2021 includes the creation of a new freeze-drying unit. GSK wants to make its Wavre site […]

A new ammonia storage facility at Yara in Tertre

Yara’s Tertre site has invested €40 million in the construction of a new ammonia tank. Inaugurated on 2 October 2020, the new tank will improve safety and optimise the production process. Another advantage is that the new storage significantly reduces the site’s energy consumption. This is the largest investment made at Tertre in the last […]

UCB invests in a bioproduction plant in Braine-l’Alleud

To support the launch of a new generation of products, UCB, the biopharmaceutical company specialized in neurology and immunology, is investing 300 million euros in the construction of an ultra-modern biological production plant at its site in Braine-l’Alleud. The plant should be operational in 2024 and should create 150 direct jobs. This new infrastructure is […]

Kaneka Eurogentec’s new state-of-the-art production unit is up and running

In July 2020, Kaneka biotech Eurogentec received GMP accreditation for its state-of-the-art facility for the large-scale production of next-generation drugs, such as DNA-based vaccines against coronavirus and gene therapy treatments. This investment creates new job opportunities. Kaneka Eurogentec is one of the world’s leading biomanufacturers of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plasmid DNA for gene and […]