Sectoral demography fund for life-long learning and quality of work

Since 2016, employers of the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry contribute to a demography fund. Employers and employees develop actions program about quality of work and receive financial support from that fund for implementation the actions. In June 2019 already more than 200 companies had submitted actions plans. You can find a selection of […]

Efficient crisis communication, key to safety

Crisis and safety management are crucial for the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry, and a professional and well-prepared communications strategy is essential to successful crisis management in any company. To support its members in this field, essenscia organises a dedicated media training course every year to give them the essential tools they need to […]

What are the competences of the future?

Sustainable employability also entails investing in developing competences. What knowledge and skills will employees in the industry need to develop or consolidate in the next 10 years in order to help support the strategic choices that businesses in the industry will need to make? The industry training fund, Co-valent, conducted research, in respect of four […]

Pfizer Puurs: 1000 new employees in 5 years

Pfizer Puurs manufactures and packages over 400 million injectable vaccines and medicines every year. This high-tech site is a world leader in aseptic manufacture and packaging and aims to continue to make a difference in the lives of patients worldwide. Moreover, Pfizer Puurs is the leading manufacturer of vaccines for developing countries, including pneumococcal immunisation. […]

Breaking Science: Chemistry is hot! And chemistry is everywhere!

Breaking Science’s mission is to motivate more young people to choose to study a technical or scientific (STEM) subject or to choose a job in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry by bringing the magic of chemistry closer to them. The website and the associated Facebook page, managed by Co-valent, conveys some great fun facts […]

Diversity of nationalities at Janssen feeds its strong capacity to innovate

Janssen attach great importance to its capacity to innovate. To keep it at its highest level, they attract, develop and bring together top national and international talent. They also set up (inter)national collaborations to exchange talents between the company and the academic world. This diversity of talent is essential and creates powerful synergies and innovation, […]

Diversity: Language immersion in the workplace

Every talent counts. The industry and joint training fund Co-valent has included the Dutch/French in the workplace course in the free training programme it makes available to employees in the industry in order to foster a sustainable integration of non-native speakers in the chemistry and life sciences industry. For an industry in which safety is […]

Plasma Industries: diversity to drive success

Diversity is central to the success of Plasma Industries, which is a bio-pharma company active in the purification of valuable blood proteins. The company transforms about 4 million blood donations yearly from donors all over the world into valuable medicines for patients worldwide. Blood plasma contains a diverse mix of several hundreds of essential proteins […]