Action plan in the Port of Antwerp to combat plastic pellets in nature

The aim of a comprehensive action plan, launched at the end of 2019 by the partner organisations of the Zero Pellet Loss initiative in the Port of Antwerp, is to prevent plastic pellets (called ‘nurdles’) from accidentally ending up in the environment. One year on and a great deal of action has been taken, from […]

Takeda Lessines saves 600 million litres of water per year

In March 2021, the pharmaceutical company Takeda inaugurated a new wastewater recycling facility in Lessines.  This investment will result in a 90% reduction in the consumption of drinking water at the site. This represents 600,000 cubic metres of water per year, equal to the average amount of drinking water consumed by almost 18,000 people.  After treatment, the […]

Portfolio Sustainability Assessment : innovation towards Safe and Sustainable by Design product applications

Already in 2018, under the umbrella of the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, thirteen pioneering chemical companies developed the Portfolio Sustainability Assessments methodology to demonstrate how chemical companies – on top of regulatory requirements – can proactively screen and steer their chemical innovation, products and services portfolio’s towards safer and enhanced environmental and sustainability […]

Inopsys nominated for Cleantech Hero Water Technology 2021

  Inopsys was nominated by Cleantech Flanders as ‘Cleantech Hero Water Technology’. A major recognition for this innovative company in BlueChem, the incubator for sustainable chemistry. InOpSys is supported by the essenscia Innovation Fund and treats industrial wastewater, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The wastewater is treated on site via mobile units and […]

Bayer Agriculture closes water cycle

Pharmaceutical and chemical group Bayer has commissioned a new water recycling facility. It will purify the waste water from the Antwerp production site and upgrade it to high-quality process water of an even better quality than drinking water. The recycled water is reused in various factory units: as drinking water, as demineralised water in certain […]

0800 62 604: promoting the correct use of plant protection products in the garden

Phytofar members have invested about 10 million euro to provide a dedicated range of solutions for garden pests that are adapted to the needs of small gardens and non-professional users. They continue to invest in innovations that meet societal demands yet offering adequate and profoundly tested solutions to gardeners. Close to 50% of the products […]

Prayon wants to close the loop on phosphorus

Through various research projects, the Prayon Group is working on recovering phosphorus from “waste”. This world leader in phosphate chemistry has two production sites in Belgium, one in Engis and the other in Puurs. Prayon is committed to recycling at all levels of the chain, both internally and also for the outside world. This applies […]