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The ‘D’as Geniaal’ initiative challenges young people from the age of 10 to work through STEM tasks. Well-known TikTokkers and YouTubers demonstrate interesting trials, together with young STEM heroes from relevant companies, including BASF, Deceuninck, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson and Total. Their goal? To generate enthusiasm among young people for science, technical sectors and technology and demonstrate that major social issues such as climate change and new medical treatments need STEM skills.

Far too few young people are opting for a STEM education or profession and that is what ‘Da’s Geniaal’ aims to change. Both directly, for example sharing challenges and tips via social media which are tailored to youngsters, but also by means of specific hints & tips for parents.

The initiative, that is supported by companies BASF, Deceuninck, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson and Total, concentrates in the first instance on boys and girls in Belgium aged 10 to 14 and aims to shatter two stubborn stereotypes. Girls can also be great at precision sciences and you don’t necessarily need to be Einstein or Marie Curie to excel in chemicals or maths, in the lab or in industrial production.

The initiative is running in collaboration with the STEM platform and essenscia partners Sparkoh! (formerly PASS), Talentenfabriek and Technopolis.