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As part of the “Well-Being” campaign, Prayon has implemented an action plan to ensure everyone’s well-being and performance.

Working with experts from LENTIC, the University of Liège’s Laboratory for Studies on New Forms of Work, Innovation and Change, Prayon has defined four main areas of work: Recognition, Hybrid Mode (a mix of teleworking and on-site work), Managerial Relations and Social Links.

On this basis, the company has begun taking several concrete steps:

  • Establishing a charter on the right to disconnect in order to share good practices and ensure work-life balance for workers
  • Mentoring new recruits to help them get used to their new environment (particularly useful during the teleworking period)
  • Training managers in new practices related to the hybrid work mode accelerated by the coronavirus crisis.

Embracing digital transformation together

Given that 85% of the jobs that will be needed in 2030 do not yet exist and that most of these jobs will be digital, Prayon believes that it has a social responsibility to prepare its staff with the skills they will need in the future and to adopt new technologies in their daily work.

This is why Prayon is rolling out a project to support staff with digital transformation. The first step is to determine their level of digital skills using a mapping tool, based on practical exercises carried out by staff. On this basis, the company will draw up specific training plans to ensure that everyone at Prayon can get on board with digital transformation and ensure its future.