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Solvay is streamlining its well-being approach worldwide. A well-being indicator for Solvay’s workforce has been introduced in the yearly “Solvay Engagement Survey”, with 4 questions related to perceived well-being at work. A burnout observatory approach is implemented in France and Belgium, and will be progressively extended to other countries (in order for Solvay’s network of occupational physicians and psychologists to increasingly consistently examine the root causes of professional burnout. Since May 2018, Solvay physicians in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, and Mexico have adopted the burnout observatory approach as well).

An important step in the current well-being program is to develop competencies in stress prevention and to implement positive behaviors, especially for managers. The Group well-being Committee has developed dedicated training material for managers and for local teams, together with e-learning videos to raise employee awareness. Manager training started with the Executive Committee and the leadership council in September 2017. Since March 2018, nine training sessions for managers have taken place in six countries. Sessions are led by external psychologists. New very successful sessions took place in 2019.