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Sustainable employability also entails investing in developing competences. What knowledge and skills will employees in the industry need to develop or consolidate in the next 10 years in order to help support the strategic choices that businesses in the industry will need to make?

The industry training fund, Co-valent, conducted research, in respect of four core processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, into the influence certain chosen scenarios have on the competences employees need. Digitisation, specialisation and circular economics are just a handful of the strategic choices that were applied, in consultation with various companies in the industry, to the four core processes of production, process optimisation, maintenance and product development.

In addition to increasing expectations in the area of cognitive competences, such as the ability to learn, abstract thinking and willingness to change, it is clear that social and organisational competences such as co-operation and autonomy will also become much more important.

The key themes and detailed results of the research can be found at Co-valent bundled the changes to the competences into three priority clusters – digital competences, social and organisational competences and career competences – and will add training, tools and services relating to these three clusters to its offering.