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The concept of the House of work capacity is a Finnish model used as a tool to enable organisations to discuss the issue of work capacity and manageability. As an organisation, you can discover how you rate on the various ‘floors’ and hence find out where you can improve.

Agfa started with the “health floor” and in 2018 undertook a number of activities relating to its employees’ quality of sleep. Professor Verbraecken, medical co-ordinator of the Sleep Centre at Antwerp University Hospital gave a presentation for both shift workers and non-shift workers. Over the course of an hour, Prof. Verbraecken talked to the employees that attended about the role of a good night’s sleep and the effect on our quality of life, how we function during the day, our immune system and the risks we run if we do not sleep well.

The explanation was followed by a session with the shift workers. They were asked about their complaints and wishes in respect of potential changes to their shift system. Breakfast sessions were organised in which personal testimonies were given to highlight the benefits and drawbacks of particular shift systems to the company doctor and staff in the Human Resources department. Finally a referendum was held to find out whether the employees were ready for a new, more physiologically-based shift system.

Although there is currently little willingness for a new shift system of this type, interest is growing. For this reason, Agfa will continue to make efforts to gather information and consult with its employees to improve their work capacity and quality.

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